My Canadian Gym/Ski Lodge Girl Talk Dream with Catherine Tate

I've had a busy week this week, with another on on the way. I half-woke up this morning and was half-awake for awhile, around 9:30 or so, but I still felt tired and decided that I was Going to Sleep In, so I dozed off and had this CRAZY dream that featured Catherine Tate:

I dreamed we were at a ski lodge/gym, maybe in Canada, most likely on a Work Thing? Except that I don't know what our work actually was. The lodge reminded me of this brand-spankin'-new YMCA that went up when I was in high school, that's super nice with locker rooms that lead to the pool instead of being across the hall, and big staircases (but still gym-type staircases) in the middle of everything that lead to all the places. Except this one had one where you had to pull different parts to get it to come down, almost like an attic one, and I couldn't figure out how to get to the ski area for a bit. Anyway, this ski lodge was really nice, and there was a skiing competition that day, but you could go onto the hillside and ski right from the gym-type-ski lodge. We had done that earlier in the day I think (and I totally fell on my butt while trying to do that legs-bent-at-a-90-degree-angle-and-glide thing that I'm not actually sure you're supposed to do while skiing) but then it was closed off for the competition, but then it was back on, but people had to put their names in and wait, so Catherine Tate and I were waiting around in the pretty big locker room. She put her ski stuff back on because she was tired of waiting, and I said "aren't you getting pretty toasty?" or something, and she replied "...Yeah, I suppose" and took it back off. I'm pretty sure we were being pals, close friends, talking about boys, like random dating advice, but I don't remember what it was, because then she started talking about the Real Reason She Was At the Ski Lodge, which was she had a crush on this older business guy, but then she was all these pretty most-likely Women of the Night tumbling out of his room (maybe at the ski lodge/gym? maybe a flashback?) and this turned her off him. I, of course, after being all supportive and "but he wasn't even that cute! You don't need him" was sort of whining "but can't we still ski?" I remember I had been looking very forward to skiing, although in real life I've done it once, at age 8. I also met all these gorgeous guys there for the ski competition, including a black guy with dreads that had an accent that I thought was British or Australian (way different, I know), but to which he was all "yeah, I get that a lot, but I'm actually from Ligya." I distinctly remember it not being Libya and thinking it was weird. And of course tons of other miscellaneous cute ones from Canada, and I think Catherine Tate was sort of being my wing-lady, but nothing really came of it? Or if it did I don't remember. And then the families from the people in the competition rode back up on this conveyor belt thing (we were back outside; it was Olympic-like because there were advertisements hung everywhere) and some of them were crying because their people had lost, and then this black lady and her daughter sang what I'm pretty sure was supposed to be the Canadian national anthem, but the little girl kept singing background like "doo doo de doo" and giggling. And then the hill was closed off and we didn't get to ski.

I'm sure there was more stuff that happened, but I don't remember. It was pretty amazing; fun and random. I can kind of see the links to things I've read about or talked about to a lot of the things, (I just discovered that Catherine Tate was on The Office and one of the episodes I saw had her trying to get a couple back together, I just read an article by a lady about how she had an affair with a married much-older businessman and Did Not Regret It, Thank You Very Much, I was just talking about Key and Peele with friends last night, etc.) but it was still pretty hysterical. I just don't know.

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Travelling home for Christmas! In a slightly more roundabout way than usual. There were weather-related issues with the plane coming into Salt Lake City that would be my connection, so I have to stay overnight there and then go through Minneapolis before ending up in Charlotte tomorrow. How Minneapolis is any less likely to be snowed in, I don't know, but here's hoping.

Strangely, I went to the kiosk upon getting my bags in SLC, and while I waited it spit out a hotel and $25 voucher "to ease my wait". Generally they don't do that for weather stuff, so it must be pretty crazy.

Saw the Hobbit, in IMAX 3D 48fps Even-Better-Than-Before-Gollum-Now-With-Hot-Dwarves, and it was pretty fantastic. It's rather lovely to try to tamp down my expectations, only to realize there was no need. When the negative reviews came out I was nervous, but after I saw it, I was baffled, since the way Jackson and Co. wove all the different storylines together was astounding. Sometimes I feel like he extrapolates things that I think Tolkien would have said if he'd thought about them; he's very good at finding the theme, even with all the things he was trying to accomplish with tying it into the LOTR trilogy and incorporating the appendices. Not to mention keeping the emotional core intact in the midst of quite a bit of goofiness.

In conclusion, two more movies I'm excited about: 

Although I will say I'm getting popcorn ready for when musical noobs expecting Wolverine and Catwoman Take the June Rebellio realize Fantine dies after, like, 10 minutes, and stage a June Rebellion of their own. 
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I was rinsing out the teapot I got in Japan and I dropped it in the sink and it BROKE. It was a clay one; they're supposed to be more neutral so as not to affect the taste. It broke into two perfect pieces, so it should be repairable with epoxy, but online sources say it will no longer be foodsafe. It wasn't that expensive, only about 20 or 30 bucks, and I got it at some touristy shop, but it was a good teapot and I will miss it. RIP.

It looks like I can get a similar one online, but it won't be the saaaaaaaame! Oh well. I'm afraid to get one of the more expensive pretty ones in case I break those too. Someday I will have a dedicated space for teapots and from now on I'll be more careful. 

The more things change...

Well, the Llama House is coming to an end; it is too expensive to maintain, and my landlady is working on selling it. I've found a wonderful new place to live, with its own advantages and disadvantages, so I'm working on moving gradually over, since I'm taking care of the animals for a few weeks yet. Got a thesis proposal draft in (yay!), and have exercised for the past couple of days, including squats and some ab stuff, so I am sooooore.

In other news, Prometheus was great fun and beautifully shot, but the scientists were dumb even by movie scientist standards. I re-watched Hellboy so I could rent the sequel, and forgot how much fun it was. That led me to IMDB Ron Perlman, and realized his 80s Beauty and the Beast tv show with Linda Hamilton was still in my queue. So far it's cheesy and fun and a bit overdramatic, but I'm hoping they explore the world a bit more as the series goes on. George R. R. Martin is a writer on some of the episodes, so I am optimistic. Anyway, to bed.


Almost the end of the semester! Then I can really get going on my thesis again. Also things have just been busy helping with others' thesis projects, and fun random social things. Still, life is pretty good.

I know there are SO MANY other awesome movies coming out this summer, but to fill the void until the next Avengers (waaaah so long) I've been watching the 2010 animated TV series on Netflix. Apparently it airs on the Disney XD channel (?), part of Disney's attempt to reach out to the other 50% of the world- although I know plenty of guys who dig princess movies, and plenty of gals who dig superheroes (for more than just their biceps, thankyouverymuch), but what are you gonna do.

Anyhoodles, the show is fantastic. Although the girl power proportion is unfortunately low, Wasp makes up for it in sass and badassery, and it looks like Widow will be as complex as her movie incarnation. Thor is adorably hammy as usual ("What Be Thy Concern, Ethereal Voice?" to Tony's computer Jarvis) and there are some cool new heroes that haven't been in the movies yet, like Ant-Man and Black Panther. Poor Hawkeye gets more screen time and characterization, with a snarky attitude that rocks. Best of all, Hulk actually speaks in full sentences, with sarcasm and complexity, and a heartbreaking but justified mistrust of everyone. He's portrayed as a different side to Banner, "Beautiful Mind" style- although "smash" is still his favorite verb, on which he will correct you.

I wouldn't have it any other way. And now I'm also putting my Robert Downey Jr. movie binge on hold to bump Young Justice to the top of my queue. Must! Have! Superheroes!
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Avengers: The Most Awesome Movie Ever

This kind of happens every time I see a really cool new superhero movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed Avengers. I was a little worried because my expectations were pretty high, but the movie exceeded them. This is also why I am not a movie critic, despite really liking  to deconstruct movies; most critics enjoyed the movie but strove to find quibbles like "slow pacing in the first half" (their name for character development) and "too much Iron Man/ Pepper Potts banter" (uuuuum, what planet are you from? Iron Man banter is the coolest part of any movie he is in). 

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Everyone needs to see this movie. Hell, I want to see it again and I saw it twice in a row yesterday (multiple friend groups, 3D aversion, long story). And I'm totally owning it when it comes out on DVD, because apparently there's about a half-hour of footage that got cut. Bring it on, Whedon. And the sequel- how in the world am I going to wait 3-4 years??

Banjoing and prickly pear cobbler

 I haven't had class for the past couple of weeks, which means I've been spending every minute of every day chipping away at my mountains of work.



Yeeeeah, not a lot schoolwise has gotten done. However, I did start practicing on a borrowed banjo this past weekend, and I cleaned my room last weekend. I also cleaned the house and made fresh salsa yesterday. And then my housemate took one for the team by gathering prickly pear cactus fruit, and we made it into a cobbler. We mixed it with a bit of pear and apple. The fruit itself is pretty bland, but anything will taste good when you boil it with sugar and mix it with cake.

I also had a training session for a science job that I'm probably not at liberty to discuss. Unfortunately, the money is there, but there is a lot of red tape for HR to get through before we can get paid. Still, I'll be doing that probably one day a week, so I'll eventually see money from it.

In between work I've been watching Once Upon a Time, which is basically Fables in live-action form and PG-ed, so I'm enjoying how they're weaving all the stories together. Unfortunately, it's by the Lost people, which is great for the editing/directing side of things. If everyone turns out to be dead, though, or products of the kid's imagination as he's sitting insane in a psych ward or something, there is going to be hell to pay.
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On top of the wooooorld!

So a million things are happening this week, but the pressure has momentarily slackened. A tiny bit.

I turned in my final edits after 2 hours of sleep. I just hit this block on them earlier this week, and couldn't seem to progress. I would pull papers, but then get overwhelmed about where to take it next. The breakthrough I had yesterday would have been useful 3 days ago, but what are you gonna do? Now I just have to do workshop TA stuff and finish a scholarship for tomorrow, which probably means not a lot of sleep... again. Ugh.

The part of the almost-no-sleep-thing, other than the editing assignment, was nerves because I had a dive (!) this morning before class (!!). I volunteered for it in the halcyon days of last week, when I was sure I'd get my edits for today done this past weekend and that I'd be halfway through the assignment for next week. I was worried that I would be too tired, plus it's been almost three months since my last dive. And there are so many little things to get that I always feel like I'm forgetting something.

Anyway, we got to the site at a good time, and got into the water pretty much when we planned to. All of my worries pretty much disappeared once I was diving, especially since the water was clear and it was sunny. We were getting a kelp holdfast for a science demonstration for some high schoolers. My dive buddy was more experienced and was in charge of crowbarring the thing off the rock. I was in charge of carrying it, so when she was signing *okay*, (as in "put it in the bag") when there was a rock still attached to the bottom, I was all *point point* fist motion rock shape*point* (as in "no way Jose! I'm not carrying that thing back to shore!").

She eventually got it, and we got back without too much trouble. I was printing out the assignment by the skin of my teeth and was a few minutes late to class, but that professor is the kelp guy, so he was more interested in how big the holdfast was than that I was slightly tardy.

In conclusion, diving is awesome. Under the water, all my worries slipped away, and I remembered why I had wanted to do the dive, and why being a marine scientist is so cool.
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must do all the things

Weeeeeeell everything is happening at once. AGAIN.

I have assignments for scientific writing, which I am having major issues with. On their own they wouldn't be a problem, but I took up a week-ish workshop TA position that will pay some bucks, but is eating my life. Also another scholarship application that I must somehow sandwich in between the assignments, and the workshop, and then a thesis defense we are cooking for.

Oh, and I can't stay up late tomorrow doing edits for my class, because I have to go diving at, like, 7am <i>before</i> class on Thursday. I mean, yay diving, but that means no last-minute edits right before either. So, the paper must be due tomorrow, in my head, even though I cannot seem to get the new first paragraph written.
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Mad New Skillz

OH MAN. I've been working on woodcarving all weekend with the rest of the banjo class to learn how to carve the banjo heels, and it looks like my nautilus design is actually doable. There were some adjustments, but it's going to look really cool. Now I just have to practice and practice and practice, so that I don't mess up on the actual neck.

I love how I'm gaining all these skills that aren't necessarily related to marine science, but are still pretty cool.