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Life in Marilynese

ramblings of a gorgeously disconnected mind

My name is Marilyn, closer to the Monroe than the Manson type, except I'm not blonde, don't act like it(most of the time), and am not a drug addict. I'm a senior in Aquatic and Marine Biology at Stetson University in Florida. I also want to go... everywhere. All over the world. And be multilingual. Although, sometimes I feel like I already am because of all the books I've read, even if they're mostly fantasy.
Crew is currently eating my life, but mostly in a good way. I'm also a part of Christian organizations on campus which are amazing.
Here will go my ramblings on life for those who are interested. Hopefully it will be mostly happiness, since I like making people laugh. I'm working on some short stories too, so maybe some of those will go up. Enjoy!

Also, credit to girlboheme for my awesome new Japan Mood Theme!